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Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Walkthrough: Dedsec Infiltration Mission – E3 2016 [US]


[MUSIC PLAYING] Your freedoms can only beprotected if democracy thrives. The corporateinterests are rigging the elections– your elections. Your favorite socialmedia giant, Invite, knows everythingabout you, and they're manipulating your feedto tailor your opinions to their interests. They are fooling…
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Watch Dogs 2 – Creating Cooperative and Competitive Chaos in a Seamless Open World [US]


[STATIC] [TIRES SQUEALING] Hey there, folks. Chris Watters here totalk more "Watch Dogs 2" with Jonathan Morin, thecreative director on the title. And Jonathan, we aretalking about online play. All the ways that"Watch Dogs 2" players are going to connectto…
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