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[Uza4] GEARS of WAR 4 :#1 เลเซอร์น้ำแดงและที่มาของคำว่าเละเป็นโจ๊ก! #1[บรรยายไทย]


– Prologue – "the haunting". Meet again today at the city, "it's perseverance. " Ministers "Toon" Opening celebration of 25 years ending war with the Locust. Today we had the honor of both. Men and women Brave every danger Who…
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GEARS OF WAR: From Misery to Millions | Development LORE | Cliff Bleszinski | Nick Murphy | LORE


After the deathmatch-a-palooza that was UnrealTournament, Epic Games wanted to bring their franchise into the new millennium. Designer Cliff Bleszinski was handed the reinsto sequel, Unreal Warfare, which featured soldiers in mechs in an enclosed arena, butafter several delays the…
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