Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay Llamas & Helicopters!


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Seriously, I began to think this is not going to turn up videos.

All right! All right All right! -Wow! Kanye (West) Who? -I.

-Kany Us today, it will help us this special mission.

From Kanye to say hello.

-Take I'm the leader I gentlemen, remove all guns.

-All Right.

-These Are those your llama? Yes, these are my llama.

Less than previously found.

Did you kill -L up? -Start The llama.

-You Do not like my blade, I'm the mama (mother of) my liking.

It was okay.

– Oh, I got to tie this llama! Let us see.

-My God.

Look look look, this lama has the tie.

There are all, all of them wearing a tie.

Can you ride -L requirement? – X-press.

Come closer and press x.

Is it the Harbiye? – No, get on mUyormuşsun.

Yes, say the effort should also follow.

-Heheh To.

I also try to -Y.

-We're All in this region will do a little bit off our observation drones.

The name of the Ghost -Game observation.

(Öhöhö) I liked the -Sakal.

-Just Always let his beard come with zoom.

-You Need to find a scarecrow, okay? My eyes with my little eye, a scarecrow.

(English rhyme thingy) Oh, I found a! -Where? -Where? If -Find him right end.

I find.

-OK Brock, you select the next thing we need to search.

-Iııı, Right.

My round-trip min.

-Kany to, Kanye West's begin! -Mobile Say that we need to take, so let's move on.

-Who says? -Motorsiklet It stops me.

-No, The guy got it! -No I want.

-I said first.

-Oh So miii? – I hit it.

(It sounds strange) on -OK I just dig the fuck! -Walk Walk walk walk.

-Guys Children to be careful here.

Do not hit the children, especially with bags.

Because the bag is good.




-Put Him, get him.

(I understand there are a lot of sound) -That's it.

You're not going -Nowhere lad.

Get precise the -Şapka, the most important thing.

-Who Do you work for? I'm pulling -Sorgu.

Very go away.

-Last You want it to be like this chicken ?! Let it threatens to eat chicken -Çiğ.

Where did you get -Şapka, talk! -Şapka We need to add to Kanye's design! The helicopter're going for, right? -Yuh See the bend! -I Do return.

-Hold We need to catch a few blades.

-Wrong The direction you are going! -Who is this man? -I do not know.

It's probably changing the insurance information.

Just absolutely we have to get that information.

(Allusion) We are looking for the chopper, that's why we have to go here.

-Here's The case, you see? Oh yes, yes.


But, do not take him either.


Maybe there is something in this building.

-It is, these bad guys.

Fuck! -Quick lift the helicopter.

Guess that would also take the helicopter.

exactly the mirror.

-Do not forget me! -Hold Bring air support.

I killed Okay.

I downloaded all the -They died.

Maybe I should stay in eheheheheheheheheheh.

-Safe Download.

-Two And easy.

That's it.


-He Is not quite a car.

-Just moreover, they do not even move.

We in -DOWN parachute.

Let me give some time to rise.

No time to -Increased! -Open The parachutes! -So press! – (Strange sound) Do not always in your indie? -I Am still here.

Okay, Uber (taxi application) helicopter.

-Down I'd better VANOSS.

-Just place standing parachute to land on why? -I am coming to take you.

-Brock where? He was strewn floors.

I think we're much closer to the floors.

Come on, let's do it in order.

First I pıçaklıy.

Who's disembark? -We Are doing so with a new one.

I will return to -Hayat.

Take a breath! Take a breath! I feel sure that I die.

-All Dead, let's go.

Unforgettable will not Kanye West <3 What is our purpose in here? -Hackerlik Will do.

-This Game we're playing for half an hour and was the biggest thing I've managed to get laid.

Okay, I'm coming! -Hassi Is! Parachute! press sure.


-I 'M fine, I'm fine! -İniş Was smooth, I think I dropped something on the bed.

-Why did you do this? -I do not know.

-All the best dancer of the time.

-Saldırı Manages, come on, let's do this thing.

Enemy are behind the firing line.

-Al It, get it! -Where is everybody? I -Kolluy you.

Oh, hey, hey, hey.

A bucket.

-Where? -Where? -Mass's, Collected.

Is that our dollar? -Wildcat! -Çükü Me to eat.

-Wildcat What are you doing here? -Götü Me to eat.

What did they do to you? -Well, I run away from the red zone.

-Get out.

-See Wildcat.

Shit eating Wildcat.

Hajj where the green dot.

Let us prove your hack while.

-Arabi Are coming.

I got it, I'll stop now.

Ah! I eventually stop.

-Incoming Do you computer? -Where? -Here, On my side, Ghost 1.

Ready to -Hackl? Yes, I'm ready to upload the video.

Download anam.

-Yüklüy I anam.

I -Install home.

1 million views.

Okay, mission accomplished.

Again, tell your friends.

TELL NEW FUCK Let's see them!.

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